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Brave Song | Version 1.0

Hello and welcome to Brave Song, a fansite for the super-dimensional cinderella and rising songstress, Ranka Lee of Macross Frontier. Ranka is a naive, but cheerful young girl living on the Frontier fleet in the year 2059. She dreams of one day becoming a singer so that everyone in the universe will be able to hear her songs and know of her existence. Brave Song details both factual and analytical information on Ranka and her music's involvement in the series, as well as a slowly growing media collection.

While there are many spin-offs of Macross Frontier, such as movie and manga adaptations, this shrine uses the original 25 episode anime series as its focus. Macross Frontier itself has not been (and most likely never will be) licensed outside of Japan, so much of the information in this shrine has been based off of fandubs. While I'd like to think that these are generally correct, I apologize ahead of time for any inaccuracies based on these and/or my interpretation of the series! As the site is entirely written by me, I cannot guarantee that the pages are without my bias.

All this being said, if you're new to Ranka and Macross Frontier, welcome! However, if you wish to remain unspoiled, please be careful venturing through the pages as a good portion of them will most likely contain unmarked spoilers for the series. Otherwise, enjoy your stay!